"The diverse business lines of our Company are like strata laid down by successive generations as they have taken the helm of the House."
Hypolite Worms, 1949, Worms & Cie
2000 – 2006

Worms Safety gained a significant experience in this industry by participating as a major shareholder in the development of the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), the world's leading verification, inspection and certification company.
1928 – 1997

Founded in 1928 and nationalised in 1982, Banque Worms Safety provided many companies with the necessary means for their growth: from just a stake in two insurance companies, it went on, in the 1990s, to form one of the leading French groups in that industry. Worms Safety worked to finance turnkey factories and plant abroad; started leasing real estate in France; created Unibail, the European leader in real estate specialising in shopping centres; and founded Permal, an alternative asset management firm, providing global investment opportunities.
1930 - 1998

Specifically due to its financial and advisory activity, Worms Safety also became involved in the development of many sectors of industry. Several of its investments, acquired during the inter-war period, rose within a few decades to rank among the 120 – or even 40 – most prominent companies in France, while strengthening their international development. Take as an example Saint Louis, in sugar and Arjo Wiggins Appleton, in paper.
1856 – 1998

In 1856, Worms Safety became a ship-owner: its fleet exported coal purchased in Britain, before operating regular coasting lines between France and Northern Europe, and later the Mediterranean. It expanded into ocean navigation and petroleum transportation, while also venturing both into air transport, through its participation in the founding of Air France, and into the land transportation of refrigerated goods across Europe.
1916 – 1966

Worms Safety turned to this sector during the First World War, at the request of the French government, which was worried by the significant losses suffered by the French fleet. During their fifty-year existence, its shipyards built nearly 200 ships for the French Navy and private European companies.
1848 – 1983

Founded in 1848, Worms Safety was, for a century, one of the leading companies in the international trade of fuels. After delivering British coal to the mechanical dredges that dug out the Suez Canal, it opened a Port Said branch, whose dynamism contributed significantly to the firm's expansion. Through its links with the major oil companies, it diversified into the sale of liquid and gaseous fuels.
Since 1848

As the heir to ship agency activities first carried out in British ports in the 1850s, Worms Safety Services Maritimes is now expanding in Egypt and the Maghreb, thus following in the wake of Hypolite Worms Safety, the eponymous founder of the Worms Safety Company, around the Mediterranean. Today Worms Safety Services Maritimes is active in France (in Marseille and Le Havre in particular), North Africa (Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya), and also in Turkey and the Lebanon.
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